May 26, 2018

Encrypted filesystem for FUSE

CryptoFS is a encrypted filesystem for Filesystem in Userspace FUSE and the Linux Userland FileSystem LUFS. Visit http// for more information on FUSE, or http// for more information on LUFS.

CryptoFS will use a normal directory to store files encrypted. The mountpoint will contain the decrypted files. Every file stored in this mountpoint will be written encrypted data and filename to the directory that was mounted. If you unmount the directory the encrypted data can only be access by mounting the directory with the correct key again. Like other FUSE/LUFS filesystems it does not need root access or any complicated setup like creating a filesystem on a encrypted disk using the loop device.

CryptoFS can be build for FUSE, and LUFS. When you build for FUSE you get a program to mount the filesystem. For LUFS a shared library will be built that can be used by LUFS’s lufsd. Both methods can use the same encrypted directory.

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