May 26, 2018

KDE CD/DVD writing suite

K3b is a GUI frontend to the CD recording programs cdrdao and cdrecord. It’s aim is to provide a very user friendly interface to all the tasks that come with CD and DVD recording.

Features so far * Creating data CDs on-the-fly, rockridge, joliet, El-Torito * Creating audio CDs WAV, MP3, OGG, CD-TEXT; normalization and on-the fly * Creating Video CDs VCD 1.1, 2.0, SVCD, CD-i support Version 4 * Creating mixed-mode CDs CD-Extra CD-Plus, Enhanced Audio CD * Creating eMovix CDs * CD Copy single + multi session, audio, enhanced audio, cloning * DVD burning DVD-RW, DVD+RW, eMovix, Formatting DVD-RWs and DVD+RWs * CD Ripping CDDB support, CD-TEXT reading, several formats * DVD Ripping and DivX/XviD encoding * Blanking of CDRWs. * Retrieving Table of contents and cdr information. * Writing existing iso images to CD and DVD. * Writing cue/bin files created for CDRWIN * DVD copy no video transcoding yet * Enhanced cd device handling burnfree and justlink support * KParts plugin

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