May 26, 2018

Utility to quickly deploy and manage jails

This qjail version only supports the RELEASE-10.x series of releases.

Qjail [ q = quick ] is a 4th generation wrapper for the basic chroot jail system that includes security and performance enhancements. Plus a new level of “user friendliness” enhancements dealing with deploying just a few jails or large scale jail environments consisting of 100’s of jails.

Qjail uses the jail8 jail.conf method. This provides the ability to enable the following options on a per-jail basis. exec.fib, securelevel, allow.sysvipc, devfs_rulesets, allow.raw_sockets, allow.quotas, allow.mount.nullfs, allow.mount.tmpfs, allow.mount.zfs, vnet.interface, and vnet. The vnet option gives a jail its own network stack using the experimental vimage kernel module. The vnet option has only been tested on i386 and amd64 equipment.

Qjail requires no knowledge of the jail command usage. It uses “nullfs” for read-only system executables, sharing one copy of them with all the jails.

Uses “mdconfig” to create sparse image jails. Sparse image jails provide a method to limit the total disk space a jail can consume, while only occupying the physical disk space of the sum size of the files in the image jail.

Ability to assign ip address with their network device name, so aliases are auto created on jail start and auto removed on jail stop.

Ability to create “ZONE”s of identical qjail systems, each with their own group of jails.

Ability to designate a portion of the jail name as a group prefix so the command being executed will apply to only those jail names matching that prefix.

Qjail has been incorporated into the Finch open source project, see http// for details.

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