May 26, 2018

Set of text menu based utilities for configuring RelaxBSD LiveCD

relaxconf contains a set of text menu based utilities for configuring RelaxBSD a LiveCD system base on FreeBSD,they’re also useful for FreeBSD user.

relaxconf The main menu, allow the following utilities. relaxsnddetect Auto detects audio cards if present and loads appropriate modules. relaxmountdisk Auto mount other file systems such as ufs,msdosfs, ntfs,ext2fs. relax[u]mountusb Auto mount/umount USB removable storage. relaxnetconf Allow the user to setting network interface such as ppppppoe,ethernet interface. relaxxconf Allow the user to generating an xorg.conf file for use with Xorgalso XFree86. relaxlangconf Allow the user to appoint the locale language.

  • Only for LiveCD relaxsavesetting Allows user to save preferences in a compressed file. relaxloadsetting Auto seek and load preference save file in a partition. relaxmediabackup Backup your person data. relaxrestore Restore your person data. relaxinstaller Launch BSD/RelaxBSD Installer to install LiveCD.

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