May 26, 2018

Allows formatting/partitioning/analysis/repairing of SCSI disks

The main advantages to the Sun format utility are

  • Working surface analyze that will detect defective blocks that are going to get bad.
  • Analyzing program that detects defective bearings in the disk -randrw.
  • Will repair nearly any defective disk, that has no firmware bug or electric defect.
  • Allows to clear the grown defect list if a disk.
  • Disk geometry and label geometry are separated.
  • Allows cheating in the label geometry to deal with the problems with the limitation to 16 bit data types in the Sun disk label.
  • Large database of disks including firmware specials.
  • You need no desk calculator to generate a partition table. Shorthands for
    • MBytes
    • cylinders/head/sectors
    • size partition to end on end of disk
    • partition following another partition
    • partition ending before another partition
    • shifting partition on the disk allows growing part 0 and shrinking part 1
  • Partition consistency checker with ascii graphical display.
  • Mode page interpreter allows to set easily all mode pages you will ever find in a manual, sformat needs not to know about them.

NOTE Sformat has its full functionality on SunOS/Solaris on sparc and Motorola systems, on all other systems sformat will create Sun disk labels with wrong byte-order, but formatting/analysis/ repair will work.