May 26, 2018

Cross-build U-Boot loader for Utilite (and Utilite Pro)

U-Boot loader for Utilite and Utilite Pro

Install the cm-fx6-firmware file onto the boot disk using

dd if=cm-fx6-firmware of=/dev/whatever bs=1k skip=1 seek=1 oflag=dsync

The U-Boot built by this port expects the first 1MB of the boot media to be reserved for the U-Boot executable and saved environment. The firmware file begins at an offset of 1K from the start of the boot disk. The U-Boot environment area begins at an offset of 512K.

This version is patched so that

  • ELF and API features are enabled to support ubldr.
  • A single U-Boot image supports Utilite and Utilite Pro.
  • When the selected board has multiple SD or MMC devices available, the mmc0 device in U-Boot and thus the disk0 device in loader8 will be whichever device U-Boot was loaded from by the ROM bootloader routines.

The sources for this port are based on stock U-Boot 2015.07 with patches provided by CompuLab at http//

For general information about U-Boot see WWW http//