May 26, 2018

Approximate grep (fast approximate pattern-matching tool)

Agrep is a tool for fast text searching allowing errors.

The three most significant features of agrep that are not supported by the grep family are 1 the ability to search for approximate patterns; for example, “agrep -2 homogenos foo” will find homogeneous as well as any other word that can be obtained from homogenos with at most 2 substitutions, insertions, or deletions. “agrep -B homogenos foo” will generate a message of the form best match has 2 errors, there are 5 matches, output them? y/n 2 agrep is record oriented rather than just line oriented; a record is by default a line, but it can be user defined; for example, “agrep -d ‘^From ‘ ‘pizza’ mbox” outputs all mail messages that contain the keyword “pizza”. Another example “agrep -d ‘$$’ pattern foo” will output all paragraphs separated by an empty line that contain pattern. 3 multiple patterns with AND or OR logic queries. For example, “agrep -d ‘^From ‘ ‘burger,pizza’ mbox” outputs all mail messages containing at least one of the two keywords , stands for OR. “agrep -d ‘^From ‘ ‘good;pizza’ mbox” outputs all mail messages containing both keywords.

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