May 26, 2018

Strip Byte-Order Marks (BOM) from UTF-8 text

Bomstrip is a very simple tool that removes BOM’s byte-order-marks from utf-8 files. Actually, it is a set of tools that all do the same thing, but - for added entertainment value - in multiple programming languages python, c, java, brainfuck, ook!, perl, sed, postscript, pascal, unlambda, limbo, haskell, ocaml, php, ruby. You want to always have this tool within hand-reach, no matter where you are and which compilers/interpreters you keep close to you.

Each tool reads from stdin and writes to stdout. It accepts no options or arguments. It never writes into files directly. All files are public domain. It exists for the purpose of noting how stupid BOM’s in utf-8 files are.

Oh, in case you didn’t know yet utf-8 does not have byte-ordering issues, so there is absolutely no need to have three bytes the utf-8-BOM that do not say anything about the byte-order since there is nothing to say.

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