May 26, 2018

Romanian dictionaries databases and query application

Dixit is a cross-platform application for consulting off-line a Romanian definitions dictionary DEX. It features a browser-like interface, with cross-references between definitions, and the capability of adding new definitions from a server.

The distributed database is currently based on 14 dictionaries plus 5 DEX editions. The database contains more that 235.000 definitions from various sources. The most important “Dictionarul explicativ al limbii romane” DEX 1998 All 65.542 definitions from DEX have been introduced in the database by “DEX online” Project volunteers.

The following dictionaries are also complete, with help from Siveco and Editura Litera International “Dictionar de sinonime” 2002, “Dictionar de antonime” 2002, “Dictionar ortografic al limbii romane” 2002, “Noul dictionar explicativ al limbii romane” 2002.

Any resemblance to dict is not entirely coincidental, but the database doesn’t have the same format

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