May 26, 2018

Convert docbook document to Oasis Open Document

Docbook2odf is a toolkit that automatically converts DocBook to OASIS OpenDocument ODF, the ISO standardized format used for texts, spreadsheets and presentations. Conversion is based on a XSLT which makes it easy to convert DocBook->ODF, ODT, ODS and ODP as all these documents are XML based.

Also goal of docbook2odf is to generate well formatted documents in OpenDocument, ready to be used in instant, with actually considering current rules of the Corporate Identity of organizations. Final results should not be restricted to text like documents but also many other forms could be generated, like presentations, charts or forms with images and multimedia.

The result is provided in a one zipped ODF file .odt/.odp/.ods with all required content. There are group of utilities like docbook2odt, docbook2ods and docbook2odp as docbook2odf is actually universally converting to these respective formats.

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