May 26, 2018

Perl script that extracts URLs from email in MIME or plain text format

This is a Perl script that extracts URLs from correctly-encoded MIME email messages or plain text. This can be used either as a pre-parser for urlview, or to replace urlview entirely.

This is designed primarily for use with the mutt emailer. The idea is that if you want to access a URL in an email, you pipe the email to a URL extractor like this one which then lets you select a URL to view in some third program such as Firefox. An alternative design is to access URLs from within mutt’s pager by defining macros and tagging the URLs in the display to indicate which macro to use. A script you can use to do that is

Main features - Configurable - Handles URLs that have been broken over several lines in format=flowed delsp=yes email messages - Handles quoted-printable email messages - Sanitizes URLs so that they can’t break out of the command shell

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