May 26, 2018

Collection of DOM Implementations

GMetaDOM is a collection of librares, each library providing a DOM implementation. Currently available bindings are for C++ smart pointers and Objective Caml.

The basic idea is that, given the availability of DOM implementations for the C programming language like Gdome2, and given the uniformity of the DOM interfaces, bindings for various programming languages based on the C implementation can be built automatically, providing a small number of hand- coded classes and a set of scripts for the automatic generation of the remaining ones.

The advantages of such approach should be evident. In particular, for languages like C++ where a number of different alternative DOM implementations are feasible, each with different characteristics like easiness of use, runtime flexibility, resource requirements, the approach of automatic generation permits to create a set of coherent implementations addressing such issues separately, ultimately allowing the developer to choose the library which fits best her needs.

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