May 26, 2018

Text file generator

Htmlc is an HTML template files expander that produces regular HTML pages from source files that contain text fragments that require some computation to be written. Those fragments can be the output of an arbitrary Unix command, for instance the last modification date of a page, or parts of HTML pages to be included in the page, or pieces of the page that are common to the entire WEB site a presentation header or a footer section for each page. Providing the automatic inclusion of those text fragments into your HTML source pages, Htmlc offers a server independent way of defining templates to factorize out the repetitive parts of HTML pages. Htmlc also provides a variable expansion facility using definitions in the template file or in simple environment files using a syntax a la objective Caml. In short, Htmlc ensures the static verification and the static expansion of the Server Side Includes directives of the Web pages in the efficient and friendly way of a command-line compiler.

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