May 26, 2018

KMFL Unicode keyboard for typesetting Ancient Greek

This is a keyboard for typesetting Ancient Greek with precomposed Unicode characters. It is written in Keyman Keyboard Language by SIL Non-Roman Script Initiative NRSI.

This port installs the keyboard so that it can be used through SCIM or IBus KMFL IMEngine textproc/scim-kmfl-imengine, textproc/ibus-kmfl.

The main purpose of the keyboards is to provide a wide range of keying options, so many characters can be entered in multiple ways. The features include

  • preserving the context when deleting;
  • choosing the correct code for the sigma depending upon the encoding and the context so the correct final form is used when appropriate;
  • understanding the context of gamma so that it can be typed as ‘n’ before kappa, xi or chi and as ‘ng’ before another gamma.
  • support for Greek punctuation.

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