May 26, 2018

The Linuxdoc SGML DTD

This directory contains three versions of the linuxdoc DTD. The first, original.dtd, is the original untouched DTD from the SGML-tools version 0.99.13 toolkit. The second, freebsd-1.0.dtd, has been slightly modified to a remove bogus shortref maps, and b add a PART element. The third, freebsd-1.1.dtd adds a manref element.

Using the supplied catalog file with James Clark’s SP parser, documents beginning like this

<!doctype linuxdoc system>

will automatically use the original DTD, while these

<!doctype linuxdoc public “-//FreeBSD//DTD linuxdoc//EN”> <!doctype linuxdoc public “-//FreeBSD//DTD linuxdoc 1.0//EN”>

will use the FreeBSD DTD, version 1.0 and this

<!doctype linuxdoc public “-//FreeBSD//DTD linuxdoc 1.1//EN”>

will use the FreeBSD DTD, version 1.1.

January 17, 1998