May 26, 2018

XML Toolkit

LT XML is an integrated set of XML tools and a developers’ tool-kit, including a C-based API.

The LT XML tool-kit includes stand-alone tools for a wide range of processing of well-formed XML documents, including searching and extracting, down-translation e.g. report generation, formatting, tokenising and sorting.

Sequences of tool applications can be pipelined together to achieve complex results.

For special purposes beyond what the pre-constructed tools can achieve, extending their functionality and/or creating new tools is easy using the LT XML API. Minimal applications require less than one-half page of C code to express.

LT XML provides two views of an XML file; one as a flat stream of markup elements and text; a second as a sequence of tree-structured XML elements. The two views can be mixed, allowing great flexibility in the manipulation of XML documents. It also includes a powerful, yet simple, querying language, which allows the user to quickly and easily select those parts of an XML document which are of interest.

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