May 26, 2018

C++ library to build and query a full text inverted index

GNU mifluz has two main characteristics it is very simple one might say stupid - and uses 50 of the size of the indexed text for the index. It is simple because it provides only a few basic functionalities. It does not contain document parsers HTML, PDF etc…. It does not contain a full text query parser. It does not provide result display functions or other user friendly stuff. It only provides functions to store word occurrences and retrieve them. The fact that it uses 50 of the size of the indexed text is rather atypical. Most well known full text indexing systems only use

  1. The advantage GNU mifluz has over most full text indexing systems is that it is fully dynamic update, delete, insert, uses only a controlled amount of memory while resolving a query, has higher upper limits and has a simple storage scheme. Consuming more disk space allows all this.

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