May 26, 2018

Small open-source XQuery extension of the XOM library

Nux is a small, straightforward, and surprisingly effective open-source extension of the XOM XML library. Nux is geared towards versatile embedded integration and interchange, in particular for high-throughput server container environments e.g. large-scale Peer-to-Peer messaging network infrastructures over high-bandwidth networks, scalable MOMs, etc. But its simplicity also makes it useful for client side XML query/transformation workflow pipelines. Features include

  • Seamless W3C XQuery support for XOM.
  • Efficient and flexible pools and factories for XQueries, XSL Transforms, as well as Builders that validate against various schema languages, including W3C XML Schemas, DTDs, RELAX NG, Schematron, etc.
  • For simple and complex continuous queries and/or transformations over very large or infinitely long XML input, a convenient streaming path filter API combines full XQuery support with straightforward filtering.
  • Glue for integration with JAXB and for queries over ill-formed HTML.
  • All this is rock-solid, dependable, well documented, and ships in a jar file that weighs just 60 KB.

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