May 26, 2018

Automatic Text Categorization

AICategorizer is a framework for automatic text categorization. It consists of a collection of Perl modules that implement common categorization tasks, and a set of defined relationships among those modules. The various details are flexible - for example, you can choose what categorization algorithm to use, what features words or otherwise of the documents should be used or how to automatically choose these features, what format the documents are in, and so on.

The basic process of using this module will typically involve obtaining a collection of pre-categorized documents, creating a “knowledge set” representation of those documents, training a categorizer on that knowledge set, and saving the trained categorizer for later use. There are several ways to carry out this process. The top-level AICategorizer module provides an umbrella class for high-level operations, or you may use the interfaces of the individual classes in the framework.

A simple sample script that reads a training corpus, trains a categorizer, and tests the categorizer on a test corpus, is distributed as eg/ .

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