May 26, 2018

Validates user input (usually from an HTML form) based

DataFormValidator’s main aim is to make the tedious coding of input validation expressible in a simple format and to let the programmer focus on more interesting tasks.

When you are coding a web application one of the most tedious though crucial tasks is to validate user’s input usually submitted by way of an HTML form. You have to check that each required fields is present and that some fields have valid data. Does the phone input looks like a phone number? Is that a plausible email address? Is the YY state valid? etc. For a simple form, this is not really a problem but as forms get more complex and you code more of them this task becames really boring and tedious.

DataFormValidator lets you define profiles which declare the required fields and their format. When you are ready to validate the user’s input, you tell DataFormValidator the profile to apply to the user data and you get the valid fields, the name of the fields which are missing. An array is returned listing which fields are valid, missing, invalid and unknown in this profile.

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Seamus Venasse