May 26, 2018

Perl search engine library

KinoSearch is a loose port of the Java search engine library Apache Lucene, written in Perl and C. The archetypal application is website search, but it can be put to many different uses.

KinoSearch1 is a fork of KinoSearch version 0.165 intended to provide stability and backwards compatibility. For the latest features, see the main branch.


  • Extremely fast and scalable - can handle millions of documents
  • Full support for 12 Indo-European languages.
  • Support for boolean operators AND, OR, and AND NOT; parenthetical groupings, and prepended +plus and -minus
  • Algorithmic selection of relevant excerpts and highlighting of search terms within excerpts
  • Highly customizable query and indexing APIs
  • Phrase matching
  • Stemming
  • Stoplists

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