May 26, 2018

Supplemental policies for Perl::Critic

This is a collection of PerlCritic policies that are not included in the PerlCritic core for a variety of reasons


Some policies need some time to work out their kinks, test usability, or
gauge community interest. A subset of these will end up in the core
PerlCritic someday.

Requires special dependencies

For example, some policies require development versions of PPI or some
other CPAN module. These will likely end up in the PerlCritic core when
their dependencies are fulfilled.

Peripheral to Perl

For example, the EditorRequireEmacsFileVariables policy is metacode.
Also, the MiscellaneaRequireRcsKeywords policy pertains to the
development process, not the code itself. These are not part of
PerlCritic's mission.

Special purpose

For example, policies like CodeLayoutRequireASCII designed to scratch
itches not felt by most of the community. These will always remain in a
PerlCritic supplement instead of in the core.

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