May 26, 2018

Useful template modifiers for Petal

The PetalUtils package contains commonly used Petal modifiers or plugins, and bundles them with an easy-to-use installation interface. By default, a set of modifiers are installed into Petal when you use this module. You can change which modifiers are installed by naming them after the use statement

# use the default set use PetalUtils qw default ;

# use the date set of modifiers use PetalUtils qw date ;

# use only named modifiers, plus the debug set use PetalUtils qw UpperCase Date debug ;

# don’t install any modifiers use PetalUtils qw;

You’ll find a list of plugin sets throughout this document. You can also get a complete list by looking at the variable


For details on how the plugins are installed, see the “Advanced Petal” section of the Petal documentation.

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