May 26, 2018

Encode/decode Perl utf-8 strings into TeX

This module provides encoding to LaTeX escapes from utf8 using mapping tables in PodLaTeX and HTMLEntities. This covers only a subset of the Unicode character table undef warnings will occur for non-mapped chars.

Mileage will vary when decoding converting TeX to utf8, as TeX is in essence a programming language, and this module does not implement TeX.

I use this module to encode author names in BibTeX and to do a rough job at presenting LaTeX abstracts in HTML. Using decode rather than seeing $\sqrt\Omega^2\zeta_n$ you get something that looks like the formula.

The next logical step for this module is to integrate some level of TeX grammar to improve the decoding, in particular to handle fractions and font changes which should probably be dropped.

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