May 26, 2018

Modules/CLI to determine semantic relatedness using the WordNet

This package consists of Perl modules along with supporting Perl programs that implement the semantic relatedness measures described by Leacock Chodorow 1998, Jiang Conrath 1997, Resnik 1995, Lin 1998, Hirst St Onge 1998, Wu Palmer 1994, the adapted gloss overlap measure by Banerjee and Pedersen 2002, and a measure based on context vectors by Patwardhan 2003. The details of the Vector measure are described in the Master’s thesis work done by Patwardhan 2003 at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The Perl modules are designed as objects with methods that take as input two word senses. The semantic relatedness of these word senses is returned by these methods. A quantitative measure of the degree to which two word senses are related has wide ranging applications in numerous areas, such as word sense disambiguation, information retrieval, etc. For example, in order to determine which sense of a given word is being used in a particular context, the sense having the highest relatedness with its context word senses is most likely to be the sense being used. Similarly, in information retrieval, retrieving documents containing highly related concepts are more likely to have higher precision and recall values.

A command line interface to these modules is also present in the package. The simple, user-friendly interface returns the relatedness measure of two given words.

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