May 26, 2018

CalDAV web client implementation

CalDavZAP is an open source CalDAV web client implementation released under GNU Affero General Public License version 3.0.

Main features

  • 100 JavaScript+jQuery CalDAV web client/application - no special server software required for standard setup except the CalDAV server of course
  • server-based XML configuration generator for special setup with HTTP and LDAP authentication plugins
  • asynchronous read-only and read/write calendar collection detection
  • asynchronous background synchronization
  • support for delegated calendars
  • support for subscribed calendars
  • time-range filtering server support required
  • support for RFC compliant vCalendars version 2.0 and automatic correction of most common errors in invalid vCalendars
  • support for background calendars - if there is at least one event defined for the given day in a background calendar, the background color for that day will be pink/light-red

and much more …

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