May 26, 2018

Allows implementation of WYSIWYG editors for editing Drupal content

Wysiwyg API allows to use client-side editors a.k.a. WYSIWYG editors for editing content in the Drupal CMS. It simplifies installation of editors and allows you to define which editor to use depending on the input format. This module replaces all existing editor integration modules and no other Drupal module is required.

It is capable of supporting any kind of client-side editor as long as there are support files for it that integrate the external library with Wysiwyg API. A client-side editor can be a regular HTML-based editor, a “pseudo-editor” that just provides buttons to insert HTML markup into a plain textarea, or even a Flash-based editor. Support for various editor libraries is built-in.

The Wysiwyg API also allows Drupal modules to register plugins or “buttons” for editors.

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