May 26, 2018

FastCGI Development Kit

FastCGI Development Kit.

FastCGI is a fast, open, and secure Web server interface that solves the performance problems inherent in CGI, without introducing the overhead and complexity of proprietary APIs Application Programming Interfaces.

FastCGI allows for many nice features such as persistent CGI applications eliminating process creation time per request and being able run CGI applications on hosts remote to the web server itself.

Most web servers have optional or add-on support for FastCGI. Applications which are developed with FastCGI behave as standard CGIs when invoked by web servers without FastCGI support. In other words, if the server supports FastCGI, then FastCGI applications get all the perks mainly being really fast; if the server does not support FastCGI, then FastCGI applications behave exactly like standard CGIs.

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