May 26, 2018

Web site downloader

So here is my little effort, it is supposed to download complete Web sites. You give it an URL, and down it goes on, happily downloading every linked URL in that site.


  • While it goes, it changes the original pages, all the links get changed to relative links, so that you can surf the site in your hard disk without those pesky absolute links.
  • Limited Ftp support, it will download the files but not recursively.
  • Resumes downloading if interrupted.
  • Filters not to download certain kind of files.
  • You can get a site map before downloading.
  • Getleft can follow links to external sites.
  • Multilingual support, at present Getleft supports Dutch, English, Esperanto, German, French, Italian, Polish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Spanish.

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