May 26, 2018

Collects backtraces when a child process crashes

mod_backtrace is an experimental module for Apache httpd 2.x which collects backtraces when a child process crashes. Currently it is implemented only on Linux and FreeBSD, but other platforms could be supported in the future.

Requirements Apache httpd >= 2.0.49 must be built with the –enable-exception-hook configure option and mod_so enabled.

Activating mod_backtrace

  1. Load it like any other DSO LoadModule backtrace_module modules/

  2. Enable exception hooks for modules like mod_backtrace EnableExceptionHook On

  3. Choose where backtrace information should be written. If you want backtraces from crashes to be reported some place other than the error log, use the BacktraceLog directive to specify a fully-qualified filename for the log to which backtraces will be written. Note that the web server user id e.g., “nobody” must be able to create or append to this log file, as the log file is

WWW http//