May 26, 2018

Load Apache configuration files

The ApacheConfigParser module is used to load an Apache configuration file to allow programs to determine Apache’s configuration directives and contexts. The resulting object contains a tree based structure using the ApacheConfigParserDirective class, which is a subclass of TreeDAG_node, so all of the methods that enable tree based searches and modifications from TreeDAG_Node are also available. The tree structure is used to represent the ability to nest sections, such as ,

, etc. Apache does a great job of checking Apache configuration files for errors and this modules leaves most of that to Apache. This module does minimal configuration file checking. The module currently checks for Start and end context names match The module checks if the start and end context names match. If the end context name does not match the start context name, then it is ignored. The module does not even check if the configuration contexts have valid names. WWW http//