May 26, 2018

FormBuilder for CGI

The goal of CGIFormBuilder FormBuilder is to provide an easy way for you to generate and process entire CGI form-based applications. Its main features are

  • Field Abstraction Viewing fields as entities instead of just params, where the HTML representation, CGI values, validation, and so on are properties of each field.
  • DWIMmery Lots of built-in “intelligence” such as automatic field typing, giving you about a 41 ratio of the code it generates versus what you have to write.
  • Built-in Validation Full-blown regex validation for fields, even including JavaScript code generation.
  • Template Support Pluggable support for external template engines, such as HTMLTemplate, TextTemplate, Template Toolkit, and CGIFastTemplate.

Plus, the native HTML generated is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

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