May 26, 2018

Catalyst TT View with template names relative to the Controller

CatalystViewTTControllerLocal is like a normal Catalyst TT View, but with template file names relative to the current Controller. So with a set of templates like

./root/edit.html ./root/add.html ./root/Frobniz/add.html

and an action “add” in the Controller “MyAppControllerFrobniz”, you set “$c->stash->template” to “add.html” in order for it to pick up the “./root/frobbiz/add.html” template.

Setting the “$c->stash->template” from Controller “MyAppCon- trollerBogon” would instead pick the default template in “./root/add.html” since there is no Bogon subdirectory under root.

In addition, since there is no file “edit.html” except in the Frobniz directory, CVTTControllerLocal will default to looking for “edit.html” in ./root/ and ./root/base or whatever you set MyApp->con- fig->INCLUDE_PATH to.

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