May 26, 2018

Perl class to compress leading blank spaces in web content

CompressLeadingBlankSpaces - Perl class to compress leading blank spaces in HTML, JavaScript, etc. web content.

This class provides the functionality for the most simple web content compression.

Basically, the outgoing web content HTML, JavaScript, etc. contains a lot of leading blank spaces, because of being structured on development stage. Usually, the client browser ignores leading blank spaces. Indeed, the amount of those blank spaces is as significant as 10 to 20 percent of the length of regular web page. We can reduce this part of web traffic on busy servers with no visible impact on transferred web content, especially for old browsers incapable to understand modern content compression.

The main functionality of this class is concentrated within the “squeeze_string” member function that is supposed to be used inside the data transfer loop on server side. The rest of the class is developed in order to serve possible exceptions, like pre-formatted data within HTML.

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