May 26, 2018

Strip scripting constructs out of HTML

This module strips scripting constructs out of HTML, leaving as much non-scripting markup in place as possible. This allows web applications to display HTML originating from an untrusted source without introducing XSS cross site scripting vulnerabilities. You will probably use HTMLStripScriptsParser rather than using this module directly.

The process is based on whitelists of tags, attributes and attribute values. This approach is the most secure against disguised scripting constructs hidden in malicious HTML documents. As well as removing scripting constructs, this module ensures that there is a matching end for each start tag, and that the tags are properly nested.

Previously, in order to customise the output, you needed to subclass HTMLStripScripts and override methods. Now, most customisation can be done through the Rules option provided to new. See examples/declaration/ and examples/tags/ for cases where subclassing is necessary. The HTML document must be parsed into start tags, end tags and text before it can be filtered by this module. Use either HTMLStripScriptsParser or HTMLStripScriptsRegex instead if you want to input an unparsed HTML document.

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