May 26, 2018

Perl5 modules for Lightweight HTTP implementation

HTTPLite is a stand-alone lightweight HTTP/1.1 implementation for perl. It is not intended as a replacement for the fully-features LWP module. Instead, it is intended for use in situations where it is desirable to install the minimal number of modules to achieve HTTP support, or where LWP is not a good candidate due to CPU overhead, such as slower processors. HTTPLite is also significantly faster than LWP.

HTTPLite is ideal for CGI or mod_perl programs or for bundling for redistribution with larger packages where only HTTP GET and POST functionality are necessary.

If you require more functionality, such as FTP or HTTPS, please see libwwwperl LWP. LWP is a significantly better and more comprehensive package than HTTPLite, and should be used instead of HTTPLite whenever possible.

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