May 26, 2018

Use the Amazon Alexa Web Information Service

The NetAmazonAWIS module allows you to use the Amazon Alexa Web Information Service.

The Alexa Web Information Service AWIS provides developers with programmatic access to the information Alexa Internet collects from its Web Crawl, which currently encompasses more than 100 terabytes of data from over 4 billion Web pages. Developers and Web site owners can use AWIS as a platform for finding answers to difficult and interesting problems on the Web, and incorporating them into their Web applications.

In order to access the Alexa Web Information Service, you will need an Amazon Web Services Subscription ID. See http//

Registered developers have free access to the Alexa Web Information Service during its beta period, but it is limited to 10,000 requests per subscription ID per day.

There are some limitations, so be sure to read The Amazon Alexa Web Information Service FAQ.

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