May 26, 2018

Override REST methods to Plack apps via POST

Writing RESTful apps is a good thing, but if you’re also trying to support web browsers, you’re probably going to need some hackish workarounds. This module provides one such workaround for your Plack applications.

Specifically, you can also use a header named X-HTTP-Method-Override as used by Google for its APIs override the POST request method. Or you can add a parameter named x-tunneled-method to your form action’s query. Either way, the overriding works only via POST requests, not GET.

If either of these attributes are available in a POST request, the REQUEST_METHOD key of the Plack environment hash will be replaced with its value. This allows your apps to override any HTTP method over POST. If your application needs to know that such overriding has taken place, the original method is stored under the plack.original_request_method key in the Plack environment hash.

The list of methods you can specify are GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, TRACE and CONNECT.

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