May 26, 2018

Custmomize WWW::Mechanize via plugins

This module provides all of the same functionality of WWWMechanize, but adds support for plugins using ModulePluggable; this means that any module named WWWMechanizePluginwhatever… will be found and loaded when WWWMechanizePluggable is loaded.

Big deal, you say. Well, it becomes a big deal in conjunction with WWWMechanizePluggable’s other feature plugin hooks. When plugins are loaded, their import methods can call WWWMechanizePluggable’s prehook and posthook methods. These methods add callbacks to the plugin code in WWWMechanizePluggable’s methods. These callbacks can act before a method or after it, and have to option of short-circuiting the call to the WWWMechanizePluggable method altogether.

These methods receive whatever parameters the WWWMechanizePluggable methods received, plus a reference to the actvive Mech object.

All other extensions to WWWMechanizePluggable are handled by the plugins.

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