May 26, 2018

Eliminate annoying things in the Django framework

This is a django application that tries to eliminate annoying things in the Django framework.


render_to decorator - reduce typing in django views.
signals decorator - allow use signals as decorators.
ajax_request decorator - returns JsonResponse with this dict as content.
autostrip decorator - strip text form fields before validation.
get_object_or_None function - similar to get_object_or_404, but
returns None if object not found.
get_config function - get settings from django.conf if exists,
return default value otherwise.
AutoOneToOne field - creates related object on first call if it
doesn't exist yet.
HttpResponseReload - reload and stay on same page from where request
was made.
StaticServer middleware - instead of configuring, just
add this middleware and it will serve you static files.
JSONField - custom field that lets you easily store JSON data in one of
your model fields.

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