May 26, 2018

Small, fast, web development framework by the Pylons community

Pyramid is a small, fast, down-to-earth Python web application development framework. It is developed as part of the Pylons Project.

The major feature additions in Pyramid 1.0 are

  • New name and branding association with the Pylons Project.
  • BFG conversion script
  • Paster template improvements
  • Terminology changes
  • Better platform compatibility and support
  • Direct built-in support for the Mako templating language.
  • Built-in support for sessions.
  • Updated URL dispatch features
  • Better imperative extensibility
  • ZCML externalized
  • Better support for global template variables during rendering
  • View mappers
  • Testing system improvements
  • Authentication support improvements
  • Documentation improvements

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