May 26, 2018

Python-Based Framework for Rapid Web Development

TurboGears 2 is a reinvention of the TurboGears project to take advantage of new components, and to provide a fully customizable WSGI Web Server Gateway Interface stack. From the beginning TurboGears was designed to be a Full Stack framework built from best-of-breed components. New components have been released which improved on the ones in the original TGstack, and the Python web world has been increasingly designed around WSGI.

This has enabled a whole new world of reuse, and TG2 is designed to take advantage of this fact in order to make a framework which provides easy to use, productive defaults, while still providing flexibility where it is useful.

TG2 represents a change from some of the components in TurboGears 1, but we have now invested in a set of components that we think will continue to be at the center of python web development for years to come.

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