May 26, 2018

Tool for issuing HTTP requests and dealing with the result

Tclwebtest is a tool to write automated tests for web applications. It provides a simple API for issuing http requests, dealing with the result and assume specific response values, while taking care of the details such as redirects and cookies.

It has some basic html parsing functionality, to provide access to elements of the result html page that are needed for testing.

TclWebtest should be suitable for testing larger chains of user interaction on a web application, for example a full ecommerce ordering session.

Tclwebtest could visit an ecommerce site as anonymous user, add some products to its shopping cart, check out the cart, register itself as user and enter a test address etc. The test script could also include the administration part of the interaction, by explicitely logging in as site admin, reviewing and processing the order, nuking the test user etc.

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