May 26, 2018

Support for having child-tickets in Trac

Having child-tickets is extremely useful when it comes to managing multiple releases ie. a single ‘bug-report’ ticket and a single ‘bug-fix’ ticket for each milestone/branch of development, for managing sub-tasks of an issue and for managing ‘bug-fixes’ required when developing a new larger enhancement.

This plugin modifies the ticket description box and adds a child ticket listing table and a ‘create’ button for adding new child tickets. It has the following features

It is possible to control in trac.ini the following aspects of child-ticket creation/viewing

allow/disallow child-tickets for a certain type of ticket
to define the table headers displayed in the parent ticket
to define a default for the child type to be created
restrict the type of child-tickets
to define which fields are inherited by child-tickets

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