May 26, 2018

World wide web server benchmarking with SSL support

WebStone is free benchmarking tool for web servers available from Mindcraft. The version available here has been SSL enabled, so secure web servers can be benchmarked using our version. In addition to the default configuration parameters, the following can be specified

  1. SSL_VERSION SSLv2, SSLv23 or SSLv3 default SSLv3

  2. SSL_CIPHERSSL preferred cipher use ssl ciphers specified in ssl[2,3].h, e.g RC4-SHA, IDEA-CBC-SHA, DH-DSS-DES-CBC3-SHA default EDH-RSA-DES-CBC3-SHA. Specifying an SSLv2 cipher in SSLv3 mode won’t work and vice versa

  3. SSL_CACHE_MODEclient cache mode ON, OFF default OFF

  4. SSL_MIXpercentage HTTPS connections, remaining connections are filled in with HTTP connections 0.0-1.0 default 1.0

  5. HTTPS_PORT port default 8443

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