May 26, 2018

World wide web server benchmarking

The WebStone benchmark tests were originally developed by Silicon Graphics to measure the performance of Web server software and hardware products. WebStone 2.0.1 is a more portable version of the original WebStone benchmark which added support to use Windows NT systems as client test systems.

Mindcraft, Inc. has acquired the rights to WebStone from Silicon Graphics. WebStone 2.5 is Mindcraft’s enhancement to WebStone 2.0.1 to improve reliability and portability as well as to make tests more reproducible. WebStone 2.5 also offers new workloads for CGI and API tests see below for more details. WebStone 2.5 provides performance-identical test results with WebStone 2.0.1 when using the same workloads

This FreeBSD port rely on rsh and rcp being allowed for the user proces running webstone between the web server and web clients. This is not enable per default in FreeBSD, and root is never allowed to do it without entering password for each operation.

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