May 26, 2018

Quickly toggle use of the Tor network

Torbutton is a 1-click way to enable or disable the use of Tor. It adds a panel to the statusbar that says “Tor Enabled” in green or “Tor Disabled” in red. The user may click on the panel to toggle the status. If the user or some other extension changes the proxy settings, the change is automatically reflected in the statusbar.

Some users may prefer a toolbar button instead of a statusbar panel. Such a button is included, and one adds it to the toolbar by right-clicking on the desired toolbar, selecting “Customize…”, and then dragging the Torbutton icon onto the toolbar. There is an option in the preferences to hide the statusbar panel Tools->Extensions, select Torbutton, and click on Preferences.

Newer Firefox versions have the ability to send DNS resolves through the socks proxy, and Torbutton will make use of this feature if it is available.

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