May 26, 2018

Webserver with CGI as own user and SSL support

XS-HTTPD is a WWW server that has the following features

  • It is pronounced as “access-HTTP-daemon”
  • It is SMALL very small in fact a factor two to three smaller than normal servers on disk and in memory
  • It is FAST because it is so small and does not do unnecessary things
  • Uses very little CPU time
  • Configurable configuration compiled in to make it small, but largely overridable on the command line
  • Runs user CGI binaries under their own user ID
  • Gets users’ pages under their own user ID, allowing them to really have protected pages using the built-in authentication mechanism
  • Does not fork for every connection has a fixed number of servers, only to replace a lost server in case of timeouts.
  • Comes with some other useful programs
  • Offers Server-Side Includes for many common tasks, including built-in page counters text or graphical
  • Supports PHP and other interpreted file formats
  • Supports automatic decompression to save diskspace and bandwidth
  • Serves SSL https and http connections through the same daemon
  • Full support for IPv6

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