May 26, 2018

General Applet Interface Library

This library is intended to simplify the development and use of Dockapps, ROX panel applets and Gnome 2 Panel Applets. With this library the programmer can focus on what the applet shall do, not on the interface.

What this library provides

  • Dockapp support.
  • Gnome 2 Panel support.
  • ROX panel support.
  • Handling of all sizes of the Gnome Panel.
  • Handle Gnome Panel rotation.
  • Simple image file handeling via gdk_pixbuf.
  • Loading and storing of configuration values and strings.
  • A simple structual way of making preferences window.
  • Generates images from ascii text based upon fonts.
  • Support for both Gnome 2 Panel Applets, ROX panel applets and Dockaps/wmapplets.
  • Support for OpenGL applets.
  • Simple interface to connect events, like mouse button clicks, joystick events and so on.
  • Easy to add support for other panels.
  • Nice configure and makefile scripts that generates the needed files for ROX and Gnome.

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