May 26, 2018

Collection of Tk widgets

TkCheckBox - A radio button style widget that uses a check mark in a box. Useful as a boolean field. TkColumns - A multicolumn list widget with resizeable borders and sorting by column. TkComboEntry - A Drop down listbox + entry widget with nice keyboard equivalent behaviour TkIconCanvas - A canvas implementing a moveable iconic interface. Allows attaching menus to icons and to background. TkSplitFrame - A sliding separator for two child widgets. Allows either horizontal or vertical separation between the two widgets. Can work in concert as horizontal inside vertical or vice-versa. TkTabFrame - A tabbed frame geometry manager like NoteBook. TkDockFrame - A dockable widget management widget hierarchy. TkCornerBox - A textured window resizing widget like in Win95 TkSignals - A publish and subscribe object signalling method like that found in QT. Very useful when widgets that are not in the same hierarchy need to alert each other to various application level events.

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